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These links are non-commerical in nature. If you are looking for commercial sites, please visit our Buyer's Guide page.

GrandPrix Race Central - With a focus on the Awana Grand Prix, this site provides general information as well as a shareware race management program, weigh scale information, and links and plans to build an electronic starting gate, finish line detector and start light tree

Hobby Science Manuals - Extensive information on building Pinewood Derby cars, and even more extensive information on the science of Pinewood Derby racing. If you ever wanted to know why a particular technique works (or doesn't work), chances are this site will have it.

Learn to Build a Winner - A 'shareware' on-line text on building a Pinewood Derby car. The text has a lot of good general information, and then focuses on building a particular style of car. Note that the author requests a $10 donation.

Pinewood Derby Blog - A web log of pinewood derby-related thoughts and ideas.

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