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My son/daughter will be building and racing a pinewood derby car. How should we approach this event?
We believe that the Pinewood Derby is a great event in that it promotes craftsmanship and following rules, and has a healthy dose of competition. Our family approaches the event with the primary goal of having fun building and racing our cars. Our secondary goal is to build the fastest car possible within the race rules.

What about a 'win at all cost' attitude?
There is a big difference between a 'do your best' and a 'win at all cost' attitude. We believe that in the pinewood derby (and in all aspects of life) we should strive to 'do our best'. But a 'win at all cost' attitude is destructive.

How much should the adult be involved in building a car?
Since ages and abilities clearly differ, the basic rule of thumb is for the child to do as much work on the car as he/she can physically and safely accomplish. For a younger child, the adult will need to be more involved. For an older child, the adult role should be that of a coach or mentor.

2010 by Randy Davis
Updated July 10, 2010